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Bunnies 1st First Aid Kits for Rabbits

The Bunspace "Moral Support" Photo Contest has come to an end.
MANY THANKS to Bunspace and to all of the contestants for participating and voting!!  CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of Bunnies 1st Kits & Refill -- Oscar, Grayson & Jeremy!!!

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While we sincerely hope that they will never need any of the kit contents,
​we are glad that they will be prepared in the event they do!!​

Check out all of the cute and bunderfully pawesome photos submitted by the other contestants on Bunspace:

Welcome to Bunnies 1st!! First Aid Kits & More for Fellow Bunny Slaves
Please see our "History & Information" page for more information.
PLEASE NOTE that these first aid kits are not intended to replace expert veterinary care and it is not recommended to make a self-diagnosis nor to be used as such. Only a rabbit-knowledgeable veterinarian is qualified to determine exactly what your bunny's illness is and recommend treatments for your beloved family member. ALWAYS take your bun to a vet when exhibiting any sign(s) of illness. 

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